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 In the night!

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PostSubject: In the night!   Mon May 23, 2016 2:11 pm

: 6pm FST : Sat May 28th

Flyers had been passed around and posters have been hung up by a certain hybrid looking to just have a grand ol time in a new place. Time to raise some hell, but in a good way.

Looking for a night where you can just let of some steam? Had a hard day at work and looking to relax? How about just wanting a fun time where you can be yourself and no one will judge? Then look no further! Lady 'Red' has put a night of fun together under her own coin! Come join the sinful debauchery that always come when a certain hybrid is on the prowl for something.. Fun. Do you accept the challenge to have a bit of fun?

The bar will be serving their usual of course but Red has come up with a specific list that will also be served that night! Care to try one?

Baby Blues
A mix of tequila, gin, and blue raspberry juice.
Will turn anyone into a crying baby for one round

Green with Envy
Irish creme, whiskey, and green food coloring served with a shot of beer.
Will make anyone become jealous over anything for one round.

Pink Passion
Strawberry vodka, triple sec, and passion fruit juice topped with whipped cream and a chocolate dipped strawberry.
Well make anyone become infatuated with the next person they look at, lasts one round.

Purple Mess
Pomegranate Vodka, Blueberry vodka, and fruit juice topped with whipped cream, purple food coloring, and purple sugar around glass rim.
Will make anyone begin to feel sick to their stomach, lasts one round.

Orange Craze
Triple sec, orange creme vodka, and orange juice topped with orange sugar along the rim.
Will make anyone go mad hatter crazy, lasts one round.

Red Rage
Four fireball shots all topped with whipped cream and cinnamon.
Will make anyone go insane with rage, lasts one round.

Mellow Yellow
Two lemon drop shots, lemonade, and vodka topped with a lemon and lime slice.
Will make anyone become overly relax and mellow, lasts one round.

All drinks will be based off of a dice roll.

Truth or Dare (Spin the bottle mash up)

All those participating will sit in a circle with a bottle in the middle. The bottle will be spun first by the host and whomever it lands on they will be asked truth or dare, if the victim fails the spinner will pick a drink from the list for them to take. Person whom the bottle lands on from prior turn will spin the bottle next. This goes lasts for six rounds or until participants can no longer drink for the moment.

Chocolate Pudding Wrestling

A rectangular plastic pool will be brought into the bar and filled with chocolate pudding. Two people will be drawn from a hat of names and those two will have to wrestle until one of them is pinned or gives up. Winner moves onto the next round while the loser will enjoy a drink from the list picked by the winner. Will last for six rounds.

Hope to see you all there!
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In the night!
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