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 Bank Creation Pass and Commands

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PostSubject: Bank Creation Pass and Commands   Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:44 am

So we're currently using a more advanced bank system, which means new furres need to register with the password here for an account. The password is: 0421.


*Open <Four Digit Password>
Open your account. You will not have a job or a paycheck until you move to the next command.

*New-Class <Class>
Change your class from unemployed to one of the following to earn a paycheck or drugs: Slave, Club-Worker, Alchemist, Blacksmith, Bouncer, Dealer, Medic, Noble, Gardener, Rogue.

Check how much you have.

*Pay-Gold <Furre> <Amount>
Give another Furre some of your Gold.

*Pay-Opium <Furre> <Amount>
Give another Furre some of your Opium.

Terminate your account.

STAFF ONLY: *Change-Class <Furre> <Class>
Change a Furre's class.

A note about Opium: It is the only currency Slaves can have. Instead of getting a paycheck each day, Slaves discover a couple grams of Opium. They cannot trade it for gold, but they can exchange it for favors. Alchemists, Gardeners, Dealers and Medics get a paycheck and Opium, which they can trade with slaves but is usually frowned upon. (Dealers aren't exactly following rules anyway, but that's part of the reason they're so fun to roleplay. Cool ) 

Dropped gold (randomly spawning) can only be picked up by furres with an account, so go make one first and happy hunting!

Gold can be spent at the bar to order Premium Drinks. Have fun!

More to come, stay tuned!

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Bank Creation Pass and Commands
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