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 Patch Updates

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PostSubject: Patch Updates   Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:00 pm

Club Nimbus Patch Updates:

2/2013 Added Feral Gryphon Avatars and Portraits. Mini-Gryffe has spots while Mega-Gryffe has stripes. Updated the skin and buttons.

1/2013 Added Anthro Macropod (Kangaroo) Avatars and Portraits. This was the first avatar I ever did back in 2004. It's been fixed up and ready to use.

12/2012 Feral (Flying) Bugge Avatar will replace Bugges instead of Serpents.

Added a bartender named Skye Rufflequill to the Bar Area. Bartender uses Sidereal's Bartender Script. Command *Menu to order from him.

Portraits for Gendered and Ungendered anthro species have been updated. Added Penguins 'cause, what the hell.

10/2011 Greatly improved Rooftop deck, designated combat area. It's much larger and allows for seating by many furres.

3/2011 Club Nimbus is now 100% fully custom. No more public patches. Full list of artists and contributors to the dream can be found in Credit.txt.

7/2010 New Local Species added, the Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger). Added DS Teleports to dream areas in Tab C.

2/2010 Werewolf Local Species added. New Clinic added. Increased the space in the Garden and Snuggle (OOC) Areas.

1/2010 New Skin Added, Custom Pillows can be made with *Pillow command and F3 to change their design. Bathroom has been transformed into the Bath House complete with large hot tub.

12/2009 Re-Released with Anthro Bats, fixed positioning on Raccoon Avatars.

12/2007 Added Raccoon Avatars and Opium Den.
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Patch Updates
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